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Eli Dokosi

The Hands off Libya, Hands off Africa coalition had a rude awakening on Wednesday, the 21st of September 2011 when the peaceful demonstration being em-backed upon to solidarize with the Libyan people as well as protest NATO’s and America’s continuous meddling in African states was disrupted by a team of visibly angry policemen.

The march which begun about 10:30am from the freedom and justice park aka obra spot at Circle had a blend of youth and the elderly as well as women numbering about hundred hitting the road amid chants and jama.

The group made up of the pan-african improvement organisation, the cpp, the Ghana muslim association, the all african people’s revolutionary party, the pan african youth movement organisation as well as other progressive forces were moving steadily towards the Danquah circle en-route to the American embassy but upon reaching Kanda near Ghana Broadcasting Corporation {GBC} a police van appeared…

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