kwame nSalaga soldier, historian and African rebel, Blakk Rasta has offered visuals for his Kwame Nkrumah song done in memory of Africa’s greatest man of the modern era.

Kwame Nkrumah’, released on the 16 track ‘Born Dread’ album further indicates where Blakk’s heart lies regarding the content of his music.

With a beautiful chorus: //Kwame Nkrumah ei why did you leave so soon…I & I miss you so…when me a go see you again o// the song easily warms its way into the heart.

nkFor folks who know little about Francis Nwia-Kofi Ngoloma born to Kofi Ngoloma and madam Nyaniba who became Leader of Government Business, Prime Minister and President this music sheds some light.

Extolling the virtues of Nkrumah, Blakk Rasta explains; when others were not in step with the times and slumbered, Nkrumah abhorred imperialism, nepotism, ‘nyafunyafu didiism’ adding that despite the forces arrayed against the Nzema native he still fought gallantly and secured vital victories for Ghana and other oppressed states.

nk memoOften, people talk about Nkrumah’s vision but what stood him in good stead was his honesty to his people in the face of baits, enticements and threats.  “Nkrumah, you loved Africa so much that you never looted any booty from the motherland” the man voted thrice in a row as the Reggae Radio Show Host of the Year by the Ghana Radio and TV awards noted.

As a man steeped in tradition and as one who respects the elderly and venerates the dead, it’s no wonder that the 41 year old born to  Samuel Abu Awudu Kumburwah and  Adeline Fuseina Adam has paid homage to gurus like Gadhafi and Ken Sarowiwa but for one as monumental and credited for inspiring a generation of freedom fighters, the brain behind crack albums such as Rasta Shrine, More Fyah, Ganja Minister and Ancestral Moonsplash believes it is time to pacify the spirit of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the direct descendant of Nzemaland.

akc4The backing vocalists do a great joy in lifting the tune so does the ‘Akesifuo’ member who executed his part brilliantly.

blakk n kidsThe nature scenes add greenery to the video, having his children on the boat ride with him was warm, while the lovely models bring a shine only charming damsels with panache can bring.  The still photos of Nkrumah undertaking various engagements is welcome but as with soup this video could have been richer.

Despite being a vegetarian (no meat, fish, eggs, white sugar, flour, salt) doing the research to add footages of some of Nkrumah’s projects i.e. Tema motorway, planned communities, vehicle assembly plant and their current states, Osagyefo’s time in Guinea, his funeral, cover shots of his various books, his family photos etc. could have offered viewers variety they would have been thankful for.

Going forward, the Dub poet could provide information so consumers can know the outfit or brain behind his recent videos which offer viewers no information by way of producer.

blakk boatFreedom is a precious commodity and it appears Blakk is seizing the opportunity to wrap up videos for his tunes, record new tunes, go on tours, do some writing and spend quality time with the family. it remains to be seen which media outlet would be willing to offer him the platform and ‘free hand’ to unleash his gifts on the capital.

Consume ‘Kwame Nkrumah’ by Blakk Rasta:

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