sarkkAward winning rapper and musician Michael Kwesi Owusu Addo easily availed himself for interviews prior to the launch of his 4th album at the West Hills Mall and while on Hitz FM being hosted by new recruit Dr. Pounds, the leader of  the Sark nation made a startling revelation albeit made in the humorous vein.

pappy-kojo-realer-no-joey-b-mvpappy n joey“What Joey wants to do which can hurt is…you see after dropping a used clothing…he is a good keeper so every Saturday after doing the laundry, he comes to possess some of my clothing… the torn trousers… Now Pappy Kojo has joined. After my body has tasted clothing it goes to this 2.”

Sarkodie1The illuminati hitmaker made this known while Joey had been brought on the line and while it seemed to be good humour, the ‘tonga’ hitmaker shifted gear entreating folks to attend the mall event and show Sark some love. It remains to be seen if fashion observers can track certain clothes put on by Sark which might have found their way on the bodies of Joey and Pappy.

pounds2Still on Sark’s visit to Hitz FM, Mr. Addo explained to host Dr. Pounds that “the media plays a critical role in the work of an artist but an artist also holds opinion. I have never been a mean person rather I am a calm person but am growing more confident. As I advance my career I am constrained by my brand and can’t do certain things but that is not arrogance” he opined.

Dr DuncanThe discovery story of Sarkodie cannot be told without the contribution of ex Adom FM and X FM presenter Dr. Duncan being mentioned and so when the initiator of the ‘oh joe’ phrase was brought on line, Sarkodie paid homage and thanked the fleshy man for his love and care while Duncan for his part blessed his prodigy for keeping the shine on and making all proud’.

strongman‘Obidi’ mentioned Strongman and Teephlow as being the young cats he currently enjoys as he loves their style.

Asked in what way he loved to give back to Adom FM, being the station on whose platform the ‘Kasahare’ show exposed him to the world, the ‘Bounce’ musician stated should Adom FM offer a platform to host music lovers for free, he is willing to perform his songs for free till everyone is exhausted.


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