blakk serwaaLegend has it that the Serwaa Akoto that highlife icon P.K Yamoah sung about was a real life figure whose beauty enchanted many healthy males despite being shy and coy by nature.

And as if one music great singing about her beauty and virtues was not enough some 40 years ago, reggae presenter and Pan Africanist Blakk Rasta has offered visuals for the rendition of the song done in the ‘kuchoko’ vein.

Even as eager and fans await the announcement by the tough musician about his next employer and destination having parted ways with Accra based Hitz FM, he perhaps hopes to appease the fans with the video of the song offered some moons ago.

‘Serwaa Akoto’ pre-produced by Wazumbi and mastered by the ageless Zapp Mallet in his Title Track studio comes to life thanks to the crisp singing offered by the backing vocalist and sublime submission poured forth by Yaw Bayereba.

Unlike some damsels who are eye pleasing but lack substance, Serwaa Akoto’s talk is likened to calm water whereupon it is made clear that should all women possess the attributes of Akoto life would have been bearable for all.

blakk 3We are also informed that Serwaa’s poise is disarming as is her faultless and decent ways. Never one to play dull, having discovered Serwaa’s unique attributes, Yaw Bayereba pens a passionate letter to Serwaa to woo her indicating that he just can’t continue existing without her love.

Blakk Rasta does well in being able to start on a mellow note before raising the tempo cautiously while not distorting the flow.

blakk 1The video for the Serwaa Akoto tune makes for interesting viewing. The native clothes possessing different styles and patterns add colour as does the community scenes interspersed with forest shots and indigenous games such as ‘ampe’.

In order for the community scenes not to be overdone, studio shots are woven in the sequence to offer variety as did the Marina Mall shot.

blakk 2This is another bold outing for the kuchoko legend. Certainly this is not a ‘kpesh-kpesh’ tune rather a soothing one to savour and relish in with a lover.

Blakk Rasta’s previous albums include Rasta Shrine (2000), More Fyah (2002), Ganja Minister (2004), Natty Bongo (2006), Naked Wire (2008), Voice of the Afrikan Rebel (2009) and Born Dread (2011).

Enjoy the original piece by Yamoah and then Blakk Rasta’s rendition:

Yamoah’s ‘Serwaa Akoto’:

Blakk Rasta’s ‘Serwaa Akoto’

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