mek n. browne logoThe founder of Mek N. Browne Foundation has intimated that his 5 year old foundation is ready to host foreign volunteers who wish to explore great offerings of the country as well as undertake charity work to put smile on the faces of disadvantaged persons in communities.

According to Mek N. Browne, the objective of his foundation includes:
• Supporting children with basic needs in society
• Advancing the welfare of communities and
• Support empowerment of under privileged parents economically

He mentioned modules through which volunteers and donors can offer support as being:

toy toy2The child edu-Care module: Where school fees of children are paid on behalf of needy parents and guardians as well as study materials provided so they can advance through the school system.

Individual & Local community empowerment support for needy parents module: Needy parents are provided funds to start table top businesses and other micro ventures to enable participants/members obtain funds to feed their nuclear families. The ultimate aim is to financially liberate individuals and the community so that standards of living can improve through the foundation’s schemes.

Vocation and agric module: Despite the foundation’s limited resources, 20 acres of land has been acquired in the central region of Ghana for farming purposes (palm plantation, cocoyam, cassava farming) to enhance the livelihood of dependents in the care of Mek N. Browne foundation.

saloonAbout 20 volunteers work on the farm and earn allowance while proceeds derived from sale of foodstuffs on the open market are used to support other schemes of the foundation. Additionally a saloon and barbering shop in the holding of the foundation serves as employment and learning centres for interested persons.

houseIn-house global family village module: The vision is to physically accommodate homeless and underprivileged children as well as their parents without charge. The foreign volunteers seeking to serve in Ghana are entreated to partake in the activities of the Mek N. Browne Foundation in Ghana where they shall be hosted warmly. When they avail themselves, Ghanaian dishes, beverages and other offerings are made available under the global village exchange concept which boosts tourism and advances the charity work.

The founder who is also an oil and gas consultant having earlier undertaken works for Grace Petroleum, Giant Petroleum, Goil/Shell, Daewoo Engineering and Construction however called for support to scale up operations and positively impact the lives of even more needy persons and defenseless youth.

land“There is need for other well intentioned Ghanaians and other nationals to support Mek N. Browne Foundation to reach more people in the urban and rural areas as global economic downturn is making it difficult to secure funds for projects.

“It’s not only cash which is needed, new/used but decent clothing for kids, school bags, boots, books, bags of rice, maize, tins of sugar, milk as well as detergents and soap are all needed. Donation of such items will not just be timely but very much appreciated” the entrepreneur cum philanthropist added.

He said those willing to support the foundation with cash and material donations can do so through:
Mob & WhatsApp #:+233 (0) 578 555 800
Telephone #:+233 (0) 302 985 435
Office Location: Accra, Ghana West Africa

Mek N. Browne also noted that his foundation is a Ghanaian registered foundation having complied with the provisions of Section 27 and 28 of the Republic of Ghana’s Companies Act, 1963, Act 179 and has been incorporated with full rights entitled to start operations with the liabilities of its members being limited by guarantee.

He said the corporate mission of the foundation is to: Create Religious Human Capital for Community Development whereas the vision is to Achieve Holistic Life Enhancement via Individual Support.

On why he strives to support the less fortunate; Mek N. Browne explained his mother firmed by her Christian faith and chieftaincy background ignited the passion to help others. He recalled during his tender age, his mum assumed direct and total responsibility of catering for the needs of over thirty 30 children daily, even though she only had three 3 biological children.

Managing Director of Mek N. Browne Foundation, Francisca Titiati who has served with PLAN Ghana as Community Development Officer and as Programme Assistant at UN WOMEN noted that Ghanaians and foreign nationals with financial muscle should contribute funds and human resource to the Mek N. Browne Foundation so more can be done to safeguard lives.


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