sperm-countI am not prolific when it comes to the damsels but I dare say as a man with juice I have had my path crossed by a few empresses.

I tend to be measured with my encounters because when I look at the numbers of certain ‘broda’ men, it’s clear that some contend for the title every year while we seek to retain our status as middle league operatives.

Growing up, in the 1980’s and 1990’s kids were observed keenly even while playing. Those were the days when house wives abounded so there was always an adult around to rebuke any incursion with the pretty ones, the result being that my good self and other males couldn’t sample the true ‘mame ne papa’ game albeit we did the usual cooking, alikoto, kpintinge, asangoli,football, hide and seek games.

As a little man, my parents moved base often although for the most part, I grew up under the protection of my late grandfather whose house at Banana Inn served as my home for years till my parents resided at Zamramra Line, then to Soko. In the process I traversed lands such as Sukura, Mabruk Park, Dansoman, St Mary’s, I.B.E and Mamprobi.

My first inclination towards harbouring affection for any damsel had to be around class 5 whereupon the lady of my interest happened to stay in the vicinity where I lived. There was no real proposal but it could be said that we were fond of each other. An incident when recalled lets a smile escape my lips. On one Christmas day I wished to show love towards my first lady but lacked the courage to go straight to her house with her parents being around.

With some pastries and a beverage given me, I headed straight to her base to do ‘some show’. Sitting opposite her house I waited and hoped my lady would step out, after some time she emerged in all her glory. She was delighted and I satisfied upon just seeing her. Of course back in school there were occasional teasing directed at me from mutual friends who knew the connection.

Eventually some students from a preparatory school which had no Junior Secondary School (JSS) were added to our batch in JSS 1. After the additions, I noticed one particular lady was neither flowing with my old mates nor the new folks. Upon investigations, it emerged she joined from a school neutral to us both, consequently she had no friend.

Initially being a jolly person I set out to amuse her so she wouldn’t be so secluded but eventually we clicked as we shared similar passions and interest. Before I could assess the situation she had taken the step of prompting our school prefect to invite me over while a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) session was ongoing.

At that crucial meet, she revealed all the feelings she had just for me. For a young man to have a lady who eventually became the toast chased by fellow mates, seniors and even teachers declare love for you felt exhilarating.

Of course I poured my heart out and the love officially begun. True, there were stolen kisses and occasional hugs and smooches but no opportunity for full penetration. By this time I had firmed my feelings for lady C and shifted focus from lady J. Sadly out of the blue she asked that we break up citing geographical distance as I had chosen schools from Swedru while she headed for Kumasi. I had no choice but to accept her offer with the hope that if it was meant to be we would meet again,

But in lady C I appreciated love even at an early age for my feelings for her were so strong that I prayed for day to break quickly so I could behold her face the next school day. Despite the loss, I almost always had her in my thoughts during my secondary school days. Eventually we crossed paths again while preparing to begin my tertiary life.

The stage was set for some action when she invited me over to her uncle’s place, as it turned out she also had me in mind but one incident marred an otherwise perfect scene. A kid in the house had just attended to nature’s call when I arrived at her home and she was cleaning up the kid up.

Lamentably after the clean up, when we begun kissing and then peeling her brassiere off for some nibbling and preparing to lift her towards the bed, a knock registered on the door, a nosy relation had smelled the possible action and under a frivolous mission scattered everything, ‘broda man’ could not step on the holy land. Regrettably a return to Kumasi effectively ended the union in an era where cell phones were not common as today.

While in JSS 1, I moved to join my late dad at his Soko base, it was here that two granddaughters of the landlord waged a battle to secure my affection. The fight was between lady AI and lady N. In the end lady N won thanks to her chocolate skin, maturity and ample cleavage and curves. It was lady N who realizing that any leakage of the illicit affair could brew a storm, executed a plan of meeting me at the small gate end of the house which had a secluded route to the house.

She offered me daily kisses and ‘fondlings’ while we kept eye and ears for any approaching feet whereupon we disengaged and went our way as if nothing was happening. The risks were too high hence a mutual decision was reached to cool things off.

My next lady A, a neighbour in my new settlement proved fruitful as it was through her I beheld and fully tasted the joy of the vajayjay. Under no pressure and with a willing mate, she offered such variety despite her lean frame.

Despite some disadvantages, undertaking National Service after tertiary education in the countryside has its perks. Away from preying eyes, my months at Sefwi Akontombra cultivated lifelong friends and revealed other ways of life.

What was clear immediately was that the females in the locality were sexually active at an early age and as colleagues who served with the educational institution disclosed even at JHS 1 some 16/17 year olds had already done one abortion or more. It was here I got to know of Postinor 2 tablet used to prevent pregnancy. The ladies knew this drug as if it were paracetamol.

And it was after the day’s work either at the local clinic, school block or district assembly that National Service guys mostly from Accra and Kumasi gathered to share sexual escapades.

It soon became apparent that the two fears men harboured was not sustaining a full and hard erection as well as pre-maturely ejaculating. To counter such fears all sorts of antidotes were professed as dealing with pre-cum or emboldening the ‘healing matula’.

The claims range from interesting, outlandish to ridiculous. On one occasion a colleague opined that before engaging in a sexual bout, he refuses to pee despite having the urge as it delays his release.

Another indicated that taking chilled water just before ‘entering the palace’ was ideal for him while another mentioned chewing gum while penetrating was the killer trick as his mind is kept busy with the chewing. Another mentioned drinking coconut water just before the deed as working wonders.

A brethren given to the natural way of life encouraged the house to try ganja tea as it was the perfect help mate and side effect free remedy for any pre-cums, impotence or shaky erections.

The quest to delay ejaculation so as to continue pounding the ‘yonny’ a while longer is the reason many young and elderly men as well as poor and rich consume alcoholic beverages touted as aphrodisiacs often to the detriment of their hearts, kidneys and liver.

It isn’t for nothing that certain beverage companies continue to afford high advertising rates so as to lure new clients and retain old ones to consume their wares. It is now a daily affair to hear or see liquor ads such as herb afrik, atinka coffe gin, mandingo, joy daddy bitters, agya appiah bitters, kasaprko alomo bitters, kasapa silver, opeimu bitters, air force bitters, brukutu ginger betters, nana tekyi bitters, tymer herbal bitters, don papa ginseng bitters and pashwe garlic bitters. Their sexual claims and connotations are hardly concealed.

sex drugsRecently the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) revoked the marketing authorization for the sale and distribution of six herbal medicinal products including Yafo Man Power Capsules, Rockman Capsules Tinatett Be4 Be4 Herbal Capsules, Kingdom Ginseng Power Capsules, Adom Gentleman Power Capsules and Laud P Capsules.

The Authority noted that although the products were registered as herbal medicinal products to address male vitality issues, the products have been adulterated with Vardenafil, a synthetic material used in the formulation of a prescription-only medicine used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The authority feared the component could lead to cerebrovascular haemorrhage which could lead to strokes, heart attack, palpitations, kidney malfunction, sight and hearing defects, impotence and serious cardiovascular events including sudden cardiac death.

Clearly Ghanaian men have real sexual problems on their hands hence resorting to all kinds of alcoholic and aphrodisiac options just to perform. Impotency affects over 30 million men globally.

Erection difficulties tend to increase with age, but general physical and psychological health, as well as lifestyle habits and certain medications, can all cause impotence. In order to get an erection, several parts of the body must work together as the brain sends a message of sexual arousal through the nervous system to the penis.

This message causes the muscles along the penis to relax. At the same time, the artery to the penis dilates to twice its diameter, increasing the blood flow sixteen-fold, and the veins which carry blood away from the penis are blocked. As a result, the two spongy-tissue chambers in the shaft of the penis fill with blood and the penis becomes firm. A breakdown in any of these systems makes getting or keeping an erection difficult.

Exercising regularly, limiting the amount of fat and cholesterol in diet, drinking liquor in moderation and quitting or not smoking helps keep the prostate healthy in addition to maintaining a healthy weight as well as engaging in regular sexual activity helps to give some exercise to a man’s rod and enhance overall performance.

In a healthy man, the size of the organ can decrease slightly with the ageing process, due to changes in blood flow through blocked arteries but regular activity can minimize loss in size. The vast majority of men have no reason to be anxious about their size, because medically, a true ‘micropenis’ is defined as less than 5cm (2in), which is very rare.

The average length of an erect penis is 15cm (6in) ranging from 11.5cm (4.5in) to 19cm (7.5in). An average flaccid penis is 9.5cm (3.7in).

When men realize that for the most part their anxiety and fears regarding sexual performance are unfounded and that by taking essential enzymes, amino acids, nutrients and minerals they help blood to easily flow to the ‘healing matula’ which enables them have full and powerful erections.

Allowing joy and peace to reign in the union, they shan’t be fleeced by charlatans in a bid to please their partners.



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    perfect article, very well written and expressed


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