shatta n rangeIt is apparent that self acclaimed dancehall king; Shatta Wale is having a time of his life. Money seems to be in easy reach, the ladies continue to throw themselves at him, there are the travelling opportunities, a beach named after him and then the acquisition of a Range Rover which hasn’t been spared some talk and controversy.

Shatta-Wale-and-Dadshatta rangeOrdinarily Shatta’s declaration that his dad Mr. Charles Mensah Sr. acquired the vehicle for him shouldn’t surprise anyone, for father’s do great things for their wards but the relationship between Shatta Wale and his dad has not been a rosy one hence the raising of the eye brows.

For starters, a Ga hailing from korle-Gonno ordinarily wouldn’t have a base at say Nima, Newtown, Mamobi or Sukura but as Wale himself disclosed in an interview with Giovanni Caleb, he had to live with rats, lizards, cockroaches and what have you in a ghetto at Nima for years because he was on his own adding that the harsh conditions affected his skin. Those lean days enabled him to make friends and develop associates from the aforementioned suburbs.

On the mother and son front, it appears there is tough love as well. It would be recalled that Mama Elsie, the mother of Shatta Wale faulted her son for neglecting to cater for her and other relations on radio.
Could it then be that the senior Mensah seeks to make amends hence the Range Rover gift or is there more than meets the eye?

shatta bullBefore Bulldog took charge of managing Nii Armah Shatta Wale, it was Emmanuel Barnes also known as Rude Buoy Sterling alias Mr. Logic who handled the affairs of Wale. Those were the lean and difficult years where dancehall as a music option wasn’t embraced as it now pertains. It took a few and Mr. Logic in particular to avail the X fm studious to Wale in particular and other reggae/dancehall soldiers such as Jupita, Konkarah, Buda Man, Roy General, Tonnero and Kemikal to unleash their musical gifts to the world.

shatta-logicIt was common sight to behold Wale come over to Osu based X fm, meet up with his close buddy Mr. Logic, climb the stairs and do their things before descending and then mash up the studio with hard banging music and irrepressible flows. Those days (2011 onwards), the X fm studio was well air-conditioned and anytime one entered one felt the freeze, it was only when

Mr. Logic took his turn that the studio became hot like an oven as if the air conditioners malfunctioned.
Logic and Wale were regular patrons at the Tawala beach as well. This goes to show just how close the two were as friends and business associates till a crack developed in their union.

A curious observation is Wale’s quick involvement of the police in any civil altercation he got involved in. X-Doe, Mr. Logic and another musician whose name escapes me can bear witness to this treatment. For one who claims the street as his fortress, this is queer indeed.

When news filtered in that Wale and Logic had parted ways, I feared some nasty truths would emerge and true to form Logic paid his tribute. Taking his time to address some of the issues involving Wale, Logic pulled no punches.

Hear him: //bad man never runs to the police …pu***.me see say you surrender….me see say you retreat//

“You no trouble maker like Logic, am so f***ing and tragic, man to man I can prove it, if it is a war make we start it, hand to hand lets fight it and de media write it”.

Disputing Shatta Wale’s claim to possess Toyota vehicles and the Range Rover, Logic asserts:

“Am gonna teach you a lesson like a class, you are a snake inna de grass, you no have no 3 cars.”

Logic adds: “Everybody knows you are a fool, you think say you stupid and you brave, breaking every rule, am gonna make you soft like a wool”.

He touches on the father bit and more: “Bandana your father disown you in 92, remember when me used to cash feed you, it’s like you forget me rougher than you”.

logic2Logic further tears into Wale, mentioning that he stole a laptop and snapped his rod and sent the picture to the lady of a mutual friend of theirs. Logic states that the ungrateful Wale does not own a home but lives with friends indicating that if Shatta had his way with Charter House and Iwan he was of a different breed and for a man who calls himself fu**ing and tragic there is little doubt.

Logic sounds the alarm that Nima, Ashaiman, Newtown, Russia, Sukura should chase Shatta Wale out as he is a fake.

Explaining that Wale was small trouble, the Jamaica, Panama, Brazil experienced man and former X fm, Agoo fm, Pravda fm and current Y fm presenter asserts: “Ask Herbert Mensah about me, Mr. Logic bad man proudly”.

Rude Buoy Sterling, the man behind Bad People Entertainment and technical director for AK Songstress further notes that Wale is a clown and has no dancehall crown whiles saluting the works of Samini, Sonni Balli, Jupiter, Stonebwoy, Kumbolo and Field Marshall.

shatta wBut Charles Nii Armah Shatta Wale is not one to let others bring him down, so in possessing his Range Rover Shatta took to the studio and on his Range Rover tune indicates that some DJ’s are on radio spewing gibberish while he cruises in his super charger.

shatta range2Wale notes that haters are losing and that ghetto youth ought not be yes men adding that he is blessed till eternity.
According to Shatta Wale, he is a smart business man and cannot be schooled indicating that he needs no award to do mighty deeds.

“Them say man a attention seeker, yes me getting richer” is how Wale sums up his thoughts.

It remains to be seen what happens next as Logic has served warning that more of his tribute is to come.

Sample the tribute sound from Mr. Logic


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