kaakieThat Grace Kaakie Ocansey easily identified as Kaakie has something to offer music fans is not in doubt, that with her breakthrough song ‘Too Much’ she has paved way for a relatively comfortable life cannot be disputed the trouble however is that a good chunk of Kaakie’s songs are sex centered and without quick intervention she risk becoming stale.

Perhaps it all started when Samini’s prodigy offered ‘Too Much’ for public evaluation and the warm response might have urged her on to use risqué language. On the ‘Too Much’ track the Ghana Music Award Winner could be heard explaining that in the club she was too much to handle, solid in winding her waist and when she ‘Kat it up’ there was no stopping her.

She continued that in the bedroom and under the sheets she was the queen diva and anyone who offers a challenge shall catch a fever. A proud Samini added “some girl say dem bad, some girl say dem wild but you see my girl ye she say she too much.”

Then on ‘Ewoow’ (honey) the qualified nurse could be heard again saying “give me that something ummmmm ewoow, we shan’t sleep tonight because we will jam.”
Still in the sex vein, on ‘Toffee pon tongue’: “him like the way me put it pun him spin spin till me done him…. anytime he want it he fi be ready for me” were kaakie’s words in addition to “nu e ke obolo obolo esumo skin tight” perhaps making a claim for plump ladies like herself as against the slim ones.

“Him say he love me style none other girl could do me style, he say me sweet like toffee pun tongue and me like the way him body stand strong, him like ice cream, only he could make I scream…..only he could make me horny horny” a clearly charged Kaakie summarised .

In ‘Top Gyal Time’ the High Grade lady slightly deviated from the sex content but fell into another pitfall of self-conceit with a ‘me me me’ message.

‘Dc Tun Up’ was a tune to big up the old town of Dansoman, home to many creative and gifted folks. The queen of DC noted on this track that DC was the swag hood and with the High grade team in attendance at any gathering it sure would be a blast.

On ‘Zuuchia’ Kaakie states “you are my la and my do, you are my so and la ti do” in reference to a man and relationship which could have shone brightly but dimmed so cruelly as mate belittled her love.

But on ‘Koom Koom Cha’ the choir member talks about make-up sex extending to round after round adding that
she has no patience and time for 1 minute men rather the fit rebels who can run marathons. Kaakie offers some raps on this one proving she can sing as well as talk with ease on her tunes.

Madam Ocansey bemoans her lonely state on ‘Radio’ praying her man to come home from the trip which has rendered her lonely and unable to sleep as he is her heart’s candy.

Perhaps on ‘Ronaldo’ the degree holder gave herself away when she opined that her waist is as flexible as a merry-go-round adding “dribble dem guys like Ronaldo making dem say am a stallion in bed.”

Not one keen on having guest artistes Kaakie did feature Sarkodie on her ‘African Fever’ track and even though she could not escape a droplet of risqué language focus was on the rise of dancehall by African acts in cities like Nairobi, Cape Town, Kingston , London as well as Ghana and Nigeria.

For a while now the one major weakness of Kaakie had been showmanship i.e. wowing crowds at events. She had issues with her ward drop as well but that has improved with time and although Kaakie rarely writes her lyrics the content generators making Kaakie a predictable artist who sings not about love and other matters but her sexual prowess are letting the young lady down.

As it stands the competition in the afro pop/ reggae/dancehall field is cut-throat and with the likes of Mzvee, AK Songstress and Stargyal Denora relentless in their quest to earn fame and cash in the sector Kaakie and her Xtra Large/High Grade team must broaden their horizon and generate content reflective of the times to keep madam Ocansey relevant in the game or risk initial investment going down the drain.

Another area to look at is the limited videos the nurse/ afro pop/ dancehall/reggae artiste has as well as the quality and themes of her videos to enable the cultivation of even skeptics.

My dear Kaakie be more involved in the generation of lyrics to touch base with culture, economy, faith, fashion, marriage, death, contribution of women to society, child birth etc. as there is life outside of sexual prowess.
Enjoy Kaakie’s breakthrough song ‘Too Much’



  1. alexzina says:

    nice, but can you begin without the usage of ‘that’ as the starting word. it makes it look like you already antagonize her even before you begin your arguments or observation. interesting observations though.


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