Diana-Owsus-and-husbandFew stories have generated heat and divided opinion than the death of former Citi FM sales executive Nana Kofi Ofori Atta aka Pinto and the role or otherwise wife Diana Owusu had in his death.

As is the case Pinto has been laid to rest but sadly the issues won’t just sleep nor die. From what I gather Pinto was a damn good sales executive who could sell anything for value and for former Citi FM sports editor Gary Al-Smith to attest to Pinto’s role in securing sponsorship for the sports shows even when he did not see the potential demonstrates Pinto’s astuteness and eye for opportunities.

It so happens that a man ought to settle, find a desirable woman, marry and start raising a family at a point so Pinto bearing these in mind secured the love of Diana Owusu and married life begun.

I should state that I knew neither Pinto nor Diana till the tapes leaked and so my views on the Pinto-Diana affair are deduced from the available information and materials I have been privy to.

Humans are mere mortals lacking the ability to know tomorrow but I dare say the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Ofori Atta was a troubled one from the start and though they meant well and hoped to bring the best in each other the experiment failed greatly.

For one, there was little trust, for both Pinto and Diana to serve as spies taping each other’s conversations involving third parties exposed the frailty of the union and I dare say even US and Russian spies would be envious of their taping abilities.

I don t know the sexual prowess of Diana but what is curious is that she appears to be a nympho and Pinto sadly could simply not match up. “How would you want it today, the c*nt or anal”. Diana could be heard asking one of her sex mates. For a married woman to ask this from a man other than her husband speaks volumes about the low esteem she holds the sacred vows.

Still on Diana’s sex appetite, exchanges with another sex partner involving 7000 cedis exposed another trait of the lady as one offering sex for money.

To cultivate the student on the tape and mange to entice her to engage Pinto sexually tells a tale of one who is no novice to this line of work and shows one who can use blackmail to terrific effect.

For a wife not to be in attendance at her husband’s funeral and burial sums up the twisted state of affairs.

I cannot tell if Diana indeed poisoned Pinto’s ‘waakye’ as forensic evidence has to be produced but she indeed needs to offer explanation as to why she engaged in sexual bouts outside the confines of marriage.

On Pinto’s part surely the signs of infidelity must have been there but alas when a man loves with a passion he is blinded to many faults. It appears Pinto knew the reputation of Diana yet forged ahead perhaps in the hope that married life would sober her, it failed.

Another point worth noting is that the men Diana engaged in the sexual bouts with appear to have known Pinto in some capacity or might have even been friends of his. For most men, this is a constant threat of perceived friends visiting when at home or not.

For Pinto to have engaged the student in a sexual episode indicated a lapse in resolve and subsequent exchange with the said lady showed Pinto’s regret and disinterest in the affair.

Many have proffered that Pinto dug his grave the moment he married Diana, procured his casket when he came across her inconsistent ways yet refused to dissolve the marriage and eventually laid in it when he exposed his food to her despite their often bitter quarrels. ‘Had I known’ it is said lives in the past tense.

A man ought to have the restraint not to beat a woman yet Diana’s deeds might have wore off any clothe of tolerance, restraint, patience and endurance Pinto had.

For such a gifted man to die in such manner was most unfortunate, regrettable even considering the fact that families play an integral role in our marriages. I am innocent of the intermediary role family members played to ensure sanity and even though Allah’s will be done always, many reckon had Pinto dissolved the union so Diana could have the liberty to pursue her escapades, he could be here with us but joy can be taken in the fact that at 31 years Pinto lived a full, life and offered himself in the service of others.

Amid the battle online one unique thing stood out that Diana’s perceived character was not used to damn a whole ethnic group as has been the case in other cases. Perhaps it has sunk in finally that in every ethnic group, religion, race or creed there abounds good and rot and using one rot to castigate a whole is often narrow.

I am innocent of the nature of our crime labs and expertise in handling homicide cases but if the CSI series and results are anything to go by in Ghana, perhaps the full facts of this case could be offered to serve as a guide for future conduct.

To have God in one’s live is critical to seeking truth and a desire to serve him earnestly but a Godless life knows no boundary. It is why a son can desire his mother, a father his daughter and for some even animals. May a desire to know God be on our hearts and may he bless our efforts.

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