The Teju Babyface Show: A Show Worth Emulating

teju2The Teju Babyface Show aired on Viasat 1 on Sundays is undoubtedly a show unique in its own right. Hosted by Teju Oyelakin also known as Babyface, the show is impressive on many fronts but especially for its giveaways.

Often Ghanaian audiences hear about corporate entities sponsoring shows be it outdoor or indoor events but hardly enjoy any rebate or gifts and it is here Ghanaian show producers can borrow a leaf from the Teju Babyface show.

To begin with the studio where the shoot is done is spacious and warmly decorated. Audiences sit around tables complete with small chops and drinks.

The host engages the live audience beautifully to great admiration. One cannot overlook his crisp dress style either.

Then there is the musical attraction of the show where musicians of varied backgrounds (in vogue or veterans) are invited to perform often to great reception from the crowd.

A novelty is host and guest photographed on set and within minutes framed to be handed over to the guest.
Ghanaians will remember Teju as a comedian who partook of the 1000 comedy series of Charter House in Accra and so

Babyface dishes some of his comic gifts to his audience. The Pearls of Wisdom offered equally hits home but the greatest attraction of the Teju Babyface Show has to be gifts offered to audiences in attendance. It is not uncommon for babies to be called out for gifts, whiles their mothers gain products on their own merit.

On other occasions anybody in attendance wins a product whiles the best dressed gains products as well.
Active dancers also get called up for packages. The gifts range from Indomie noodles to evaporated milk from sponsors.

The KSM Show and the Standpoint are shows which bear resemblance to the Teju Babyface Show and it would be nice for producers of such shows to incorporate the giveaway concept in their format or intensify it if they already offer some products to audiences. Ghanaian audiences deserve some love.


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