From a 4 Star Hotel to a Bathroom Suite: The misstep of KKD the Finest

kkd n effeOn December 27, 2014 at the African Regent Hotel in Accra, KKD the Finest also known as Kwesi Kyei Darkwa is said to have engaged in copulation with one Effe at a bathroom of the hotel suite. Later events would however lead to KKD being sent to the cooler at the Airport Police station because the teenager claims she was sexually assaulted by the fashion icon and did not consent willingly to the penile intrusion.

For someone who does not smoke nor drink alcohol, sex is his next bet and lots of it I might add especially when the fellow drinks a lot of coconut water, smoothies and orange juice as KKD asserts.
For one who started making money early on in life, KKD lives the good life in Ghana and the UK. His fashion sense is applauded as is his taste in cars.

The one-time Accra Brewery Company Advertising Manager, Bands Alive coordinator, Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant committee member, Kojo Antwi’s December 24th show coordinator, writer, producer and presenter risks losing years of good standing because of allegations of rape/sexual assault filed against him by the lady he tangoed with in the bathroom.

KKD did marry once spending the honeymoon at the plush Labadi Beach hotel when it really was the only 4-star hotel in the country but a desire by the wife to live and work in the UK coupled with trust issues eventually led to divorce on February 2nd, 2002 with Kwaku and daughter Ohemaa staying with the Finest. The Finest has not married since.

The bible tells us of the tale of King David of Israel in 1 Kings 1:1
Now King David was old, advanced in age; and they covered him with clothes, but he could not keep warm. 2 So his servants said to him, “Let them seek a young virgin for my lord the king, and let her attend the king and become his nurse; and let her lie in your bosom, that my lord the king may keep warm.”

A lot has been said about the appropriateness of Mr. Darkwa in his 50’s sexually engaging a lady merely old enough to be his daughter. Those who hold such views might be naïve since this is nothing new as older men tend to desire younger ladies provided they are old enough according to the law. What difference does it make when society sees nothing wrong in a 70 year old man marrying a 40 year old lady?

Accra Regional Police PRO ASP Afia Tenge assures all concerned that the police are gathering evidence to ascertain the facts of sexual assault.

KKD is Creative Director of The Finest Productions, UK which manages corporate communications for companies like Ghana International Bank, MoneyGram, Unity Link Financial Services for a good sum and to think he risks losing all these because of a moment of indiscretion is damning to say the least.

It is to mitigate the devastating effect of this allegation which carries a maximum prison term of 25 years that KKD’s lawyer, Nana Asante Bediatuo is working assiduously to obtain bail for him at the Adjabeng Magistrates Court on Tuesday.
The damage done to African Regent Hotel is immense as is the unwanted shine cast on Kwaku and Ohemaa his two children.

Perhaps it was not coincidental after all that KKD crossed paths with his ex-wife after 12 years of separation at the Legends & Legacy Concert held in honour of music Maestro Kojo Antwi.

“Time smiles radiantly on everything” a post by KKD on his facebook page after meeting his ex-wife could prove pivotal in his life journey. On one hand their meeting could lead to a decision to give each other another chance so KKD would have little regard for other women (the likes of Effe) or it could reinforce the fears and perception which led to the break up in the first place.

Whatever happens Kwesi Kyei Darkwa won’t be the same man again. His businesses will suffer, his goodwill has taken a beating, his confidence will be shaken and his standing in the eyes of his children will not be the same.

Effe if you agreed with KKD to have sexual intercourse but because of anger/ disappointment or influence of another person you’ve taken this path beware payback is a bitch and bitches can really be a pain in the a*s.

kkd n kids KKD kkd1 kkd3 kkd5 kkd53 KKD-and-wife


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