traderAs Ghanaians face economic and social challenges, some Kaneshi traders have called on President Mahama to tackle the challenges and provide relief or step down for a competent fellow.

The traders contend hardships they face on a daily basis are needless and unwarranted stressing the power outages, shortage in fuel supply, high utility charges and general economic hardships have risen to unacceptable levels amid high taxes imposed on them.

According to the charged ladies they’ve had to run their homes and raise their children as the men are either unemployed or bring home little remuneration.

Meanwhile the propaganda secretary of the National Democratic Congress and MP for Keta, Richard Quarshigah has urged Ghanaians to give president Mahama some time to fix the economy and engineer growth stressing that even though presidents Mills and Mahama were faced with tough challenges leading to hardships for citizens their policies eventually yielded fruits.

He said 2 years into any administration is to early a time to condemn and castigate adding that he is optimistic about a change in the nation’s fortunes which will prove that the hope and faith invested in the president was not misplaced.


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