Stay Jay offers ‘Feelings’ for Xmas ft Lilwin

stayThe viral video of ‘Shashewowo’ and ‘Yenko Nkoaa’ hitmaker Stay Jay real name William Kojo Johnson has emerged for his ‘Feelings’ song featuring Nkansah Lilwin.

“Mi feeli nu, onusu yada mi, wutu mpo nie na weyduani” is what listeners can expect to hear when they make time to consume the song.

Lilwin impresses with his raps and rhymes employing the names of Supreme Court judge Atuguba and veteran footballer Olele to great effect.

The video features ladies at an Australian underground car park or terminal performing various dance moves but neither Stay Jay nor Lilwin are seen in the video.

The song itself talks about a lady who threw a challenge to Stay Jay but got pleasantly surprised thanks to the endowments and skills of the ‘twamilala’ man.

Sample the video here:


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