chorkorThe sanitation situation at Chorkor has been a challenge for community leaders for some time with the lagoon and sea being filled with plastic waste and organic residue.

Assembly man for the area, Derrick Myers stated unavailability of land has retarded progress in the community adding there is need to pull down unauthorized structures to enable access roads, dumping sites, market, clinic and other social projects to be constructed for the benefit of residents.

He said though the town is known for its fishing folk, graduates are emerging from the town whom the Assembly hopes to use to shape attitudes and cause behavioral change.

For his part Nii Tan II, Chemuenaa Mantse of Ngleshi-Alata, decried the sale of stool lands by ancestors without provision for development adding the lack of funds has increased poverty levels and caused the youth to engage in vices.

The chief however called for partnership with central government and business people to help restore the shore line and invest in the construction of restaurants and hotels to boost tourism in the area and generate employment for inhabitants.

He lamented the decline in the fortune of fish mongers who were once instrumental in sustaining families and raising children in the area calling on well-meaning Ghanaians to support the locals in establishing businesses.

Frank Tettey Mensah, advisor to the chief, explained whiles inhabitants of Chorkor are industrious, lack of available funds is hampering self-help initiatives. He urged banks and other financial institutions to set up base in the community to engineer growth.

Fredrick Quartey, a youth, was unhappy with the high number of teenage pregnancies in the town adding the incidence of land guards selling off land without the chief’s knowledge and approval must be checked by law enforcement agencies.

On narrow roads and small gutters in the town, Chorkor GPRTU chairman, Razack Armah explained per their very nature, any rainfall causes havoc in the community. He called on the central government to expand the road network and gutters for efficient vehicular movement adding banks need to give soft loans to the drivers so they can buy new vehicles and retire the rickety ones.


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