Videos: Bredren B’s ‘Life’ and ‘Adwoah Fowaah’ visuals

bredrenMany might not know him but reggae and afro-pop musician, Bredren B is one gifted artiste any discerning music lover ought to know.

The man’ songs and videos are compelling to say the least. In Life, where Bredren B talks about the hardships faced by many, the artiste encourages people to keep hustling as giving up is not an option adding that it matters not when one encounters a fall but rising up to defy the odds is what defines the person.

The video for Life is breathtaking, the director does a good job by incorporating sea and forest scenes effortlessly, Bredren shuns the glamour other artistes seek to portray preferring to rather expose some beautiful sites in Ghana, where I do not know but to see clean beaches with no polyethene is heartwarming, perhaps the Ministry of Tourism can watch this video to learn a thing or two.

Close up shots are beautifully done, shots involving kids playing and adults attending to their simple chores is telling as is the panning technique used to capture the sea and parts of the forest at the end of the video.

But hold on, Bredren is not done yet, in ‘Adwoa Fowaah’ he sings about a mystery lady who comes to buy palm wine from him but ended up leaving him with a picture of a house in a city. Being an interior man, Bredren sets off in pursuit of her, whereupon he locates the house and the woman after asking around in the city.

Bredren’s use of the English, patois and Twi languages is deep, so is his storytelling. Once again the forest to city shots standout as is the camera man’s ability to retain the mystery of the lady without revealing her face.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, watch the ‘Life’ and ‘Adwoa Fowaah’ videos here and decide for yourself what (the noise is about).

See Videos Below:

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