Photos: Which dreadlocked style would you go for?

11Some of our popular entertainers wear locks either for religious, health or fashion reasons.

Dreadlocks also called locks or dreads are matted coils of hair. Most dreadlocks are intentionally formed, leaving long hair to its own devices by not brushing or cutting the hair will encourage it to tangle together as it grows, leading to twisted, matted ropes of hair known as dreadlocks.

Although some prefer their locks long, others maintain it short, stars such as Reggie Rockstone, Samini, Obrafuor, Captain Planet, Black Rasta, Kojo Antwi, Shatta Wale, Wanluv, Ras Kuuku and Mugees all spot dreadlocks in one form or the other, the question is should you decide to wear locks, whose style would you choose and why?.

View the stars and their locks here.


kojo antwi



obrafour planet uche ras kukuu REGGIE-ROCKSTONE3 shataa w Wanlov6


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