My taste is in broad chested men- Raquel

rac‘Sweetio’ singer Raquel Patience Naa Ayorkor Armah has revealed to Giovani Caleb on the Late Night Celebrity Show that when it came to men, her preference is in a broad-chested chocolate man with strong arms.

The ‘Lovi Dovi’ hitmaker explained she is not into six packs stressing “a man with great personality who will make your hearty beat and make you feel like going nowhere is my type of man.”

On her music, Ms. Armah stated that she was on a break where she got engaged with plans to open her restaurant ‘Cooking Fingers’ for the yuletide. She however indicated that her new single ‘Ke Ha Me’ (Give it to me) is ready for public consumption and has been impressed with the reviews she is receiving from industry people who describe the tune as unique and deep adding that the video will soon be released to complement the song.

On her movie career, Raquel explained since she was already a romantic at heart she would love to play weird and wicked roles in movies to test her drama and creative skills.

On the controversial issue of her ‘vijayjay’ being exposed during a stage performance, a visible troubled Raquel explained she fell in love with a particular silk dress she intended for the show but after trying out the dress she realised it was tight fitting but the seamstress assured her that a removal of the lining would afford her some space, unfortunately while performing, the dress split revealing all the ‘goodies.’

The ‘Odo’ crooner said a female photographer drew her manager’s attention to the images she captured but after negotiations broke down, she discovered the photos online. Describing the experience, Raquel said: “when things happen and people accuse you of deliberately doing them when you know otherwise, it hurts and breaks you” adding “I went to hell and back”.

According to madam Armah, media folks are too harsh on entertainers sometimes whiles carrying out their duties indicating that ‘Efya’ is one Ghanaian she looks forward to working with.

The lady whose heartbreak in United Kingdom led her to return to Ghana in 2006 told Giovani that she would love to marry and have kids sometime, but is currently single.

The interesting thing about Raquel is that despite her ‘free show’ ordeal she still put on a short attire which exposed her thighs making sitting uncomfortable for her at a time leading host Giovani Caleb to assure her not to worry since the cameramen won’t expose her. Perhaps this sweet lady would do well to evaluate her wardrobe to limit the exposures.


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