Franck Anglais drops ‘Minuit Midi’ video

francBudding hip-hop artiste, Franck Anglais is out with the video of ‘Minuit Midi’ directed by ‘Lyris Hayes’ and produced by ‘Mathematic Muszik’ and ‘Newzs Schoolzs’.

The video shot in black and white is gripping as the attractive models used. The samurai scene is interesting, shots involving the Mercedes Benz was well done making the viewer to seek for more.

Regarding the song itself, the Yaounde born Franck Anglais informs the public that his crew have been broke for years but now that they’ve hustled and are making the ‘lucci,’ million problems are on their hands but with million CFA Francs and another million condoms nothing is going to beat them.

The rap on this one is impressive although the ‘n’ word could have been toned down a bit. Franck Anglais also has ‘Giga One’ and ‘Gucci Lucci’ in his collection.

Watch ‘Minuit Midi’ here:

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