My ‘Wu Sika Nti’ song is true life story – Trigmatic

trigAlthough rapper Trigmatic has been quiet for a while, the gifted word player says he’s back after a sojourn to Nigeria to shoot a video with Orize.

Trig who has been in the industry since 2010 says he has matured over the years pledging to unleash tracks to satisfy his thirsty fans who last enjoyed ‘Wedding Day’ featuring Castro from his camp.

The GMA record of the year and best rapper winner cautioned young ‘cats’ to know the industry before hopping adding “you cannot live different when you are in the hood” explaining since he believed in being real, he lives in (Flamingo) and goes out to buy his ‘koko’ or ‘waakye’ when he feels like it without feeling any less important.

The man who loves to read and write in his spare time revealed that his ‘Wu Sika Nti’ track stemmed from personal experience where people offer help only to demand a favour or broadcast to the world the help they offered.

Meanwhile, the ‘Wu Sika Nti’ video has been nominated in the 4Syte music video award.

Watch the video here.

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