Joni Blaze and his Crazi X show on X fm

joniAlthough the experiment by Osu based X FM 95.1 in bringing ‘stars’ to the station failed in generating a massive following and raking in the targeted revenue, the Blue Gate based station has picked itself up and positioned itself as the station which offers opportunity to any determined youth seeking to cut his teeth in radio and the media at large.

It is true Herbert Mensah and his South African based partners might have hoped that the bringing on board of Jon Germain, Kwame Fakye, Mauvie and Chris Attoh would have led to massive advertisement on the station especially when these faces were thought to have the clout to persuade advertisers to part with their cedis or dollars.

Well as it turned out the affair didn’t last, so the station with the X factor now has the likes of Nana Mensah, Thompson Nortey, Jay Smoke, Iwan and Kwaku David manning things at the station.

The presenter who has caught my eye however is Joni Blaze aka Chichinchin, host of the Crazi X show. The history of reggae/ dancehall in the country cannot be written without acknowledging the massive work done by Rude Buoy Sterling aka Mr. Logic when he was at the station.

At a time when dancehall was not warmly received, it was Mr. Logic who pounded the city with dancehall tunes, giving unheard of unknown and little regarded dancehall disciples the platform to preach their ‘gospel’.

It was he who opened the doors of X FM to the likes of Shatta Wale, Jupiter, Konkorah, Buda man, Iron ballon, Partan, Episode and the rest for people to hear their message. Of course the CEO of Bad People Entertainment has his own way of reasoning; he would eventually leave X FM for Pravda, Agoo and recently Y Fm.

In his stead, Joni Blaze has taken over the mantle and boy, is this chap nailing it or what. Joni’s energy and vibrancy is infectious, little wonder he has cultivated hardened followers who call into the show religiously to interact with their man and guests in the studio.

Last Friday’s show essentially prompted this piece; it had guests in the name of Rude Buoy Ranking and Star Gail. The two together ‘ mash up the studio’, except for the brazen use of certain explicit words by Star Gail, Rude Buoy and Chichinchin himself, the show passed as one of the best in terms of the delivery and punch. Ghana better be prepared for Rude and Star Gail in particular.

The girl simply kept the patois rolling of her tongue as if she were baptized in Jamaica and her mastery of drawing sexual images with her lines is simply breath taking. For Rude Buoy Ranking well he is not in to please anyone as made clear by his ‘letter 2 Arabi’ track recorded when the latter decided to break away from the shadows of shatta Wale to enhance his musical fortunes.

On the Crazi X show aired on week days between 14:00-18:00, Chichinchin holds the city spell bound with copious dish of dancehall/reggae tunes, sound effects, interviews, information and patois lessons for those seeking to learn the language. The draw of the Crazi X show is its unpredictability made even more compelling by the show’s host whom upon a chance meeting, his innocent face would belie his menacing voice on radio.

Till a change in policy direction happens, X FM appears to remain the home of the youth and for the youth. Kudus X FM for taking on board people other stations would not cast a glance at.


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