Factors people consider when choosing a partner

beauLove desires can be an interesting subject especially when it comes to choosing a mate.

When it comes to factors which influence people to decide whom they wish to enjoy their lives with, the reasons range from financial stability, academic excellence, trust, understanding through to fashion sense.

Some however contend that the weight, bulk or shape of the person matters to them, on why plump people would not be favoured, some respondents ascribed the difficulty plump people have in expressing themselves sexually.

A lady who shared her preference with this reporter said she prefers her man to be ‘thick tall’ in addition to having a pink lip.

Although preferences differ, some hold the view that the body shape and weight of the person they love pales in comparison to factors such as character and morality.

What do you consider when choosing a partner?


2 comments on “Factors people consider when choosing a partner

  1. Mrs. Arafua Aning says:

    I will say character will be number one on my list. Included in character is respect for self and others, a keen moral sense and of course academic excellence.


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