‘Baafira’ Saga: Rashid Metal calls Stonebouy ‘Big Thief’

rasHe has been touted as the next big thing to hit the reggae/ dancehall scene and already Rashid Metal is not holding back blows. Dancehall fans are the richer with Stonebuoy’s ‘baafira’ and Metal’s version but the brethren feels the need to settle the score and let the world know he birthed the ‘Baafira’ term and must be regarded as such.

Perhaps it is the mileage Stonebuoy’s ‘Baafira’ is enjoying with celebrities and fans blessing and hailing the track.

On ‘Attack’ produced by Afro Vibes Entertainment, Rashid Metal attacks asserting “Can’t push me against wall, wish me a fall…who go rob Peter and go give Paul.. you can’t rob Sizzla and give to Sean Paul.. me I go speed you like 10,000 mile… if you never know then put it inna your file.. Stonebuoy mi ya say you’re ungrateful child…I know go commot my eye because I know say you thief this one”.

Well those are strong words and bold claims, it remains to be seen if Stonebuoy would want to set the records straight with a track of his own.

You can sample Rashid Metal’s ‘Attack’ here.


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