AUDIO: Flavour N’abania asserts Reggae credentials with ‘Ghetto’

flavCall them ghettos, favelas or shanty towns; they exist in nearly every country thanks to unplanned population and faulty policies.

They are often without social amenities such as running water, electricity and sanitation but such deprived places can propel determined people or cause despondency and self-resignation.

On Flavour’s ‘Ghetto’ track, opened by punchy drum beats underlined with superb production thanks to Jay Stunz, the 31 year old makes it clear that the ghetto can offer wisdom and discipline regardless of gender adding that the ghetto can be unforgiving as it offers the good, the bad and the ugly.

Hear him “ghetto makes you stronger to fight your enemies, let them know that you are a champion.”

This in short is the essence of the music, and one many can relate to, call it ‘Ghetto Anthem’ and you shan’t be wrong.

Of course, there cannot be a ghetto song without marijuana being mentioned but flavor assures us he uses a ‘likkle’ when the brethren from Jamaica visit.

For those who live or have lived in the ghetto, the call is not to allow anything g to put u down.

Chinedu Okoli aka Flavor N’abania is certainly going places and for him to switch on his reggae side, so effortlessly is testament to his immense gifts indeed.

Fans can only wait eagerly for another superb video work after the ‘Ada Ada’ clip.

After smash hit ‘Ada Ada’, it was always going to be difficult for Flavor N’abania to equal or surpass the performance of the hit track but the Enugu born performer has managed to offer something fans cannot easily escape.

Hear the ‘Ghetto’ track below:

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