Am single but open for a date – Ebi Bright

ebiDelectable actress Ebi Bright says she has not featured in numerous movies in recent times because she is now particular about scripts she is offered d stressing that she is easily put off when a script has so many grammatical mistakes and incoherent plot.

According to the AUCC, University of Lome alumnus, she decided to find deeper meaning for her work since she had always done movies on part time basis.

Ebi Bright born in Nigeria and of Ghanaian-Nigerian parentage disclosed that she also writes on part time basis since she is a philosophical person adding her fans can watch out for two movies she featured in ‘Family Album and Sex Online’ to see her maturity and understand why she would only feature in stellar productions.

Despite having 22 movies to her credit, Ms. Bright asserted she is single and open to go out on dates, she however urged fans to limit the demand on her to assist them in securing movie roles because she is yet to produce her own movie.

The development communication graduate made these disclosures on the Late Night Celebrity Show hosted by Giovani Caleb.


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