Ras Kuuku unleashes ‘Puom Wo Krom’

ras kukuuThe year 2014 is proving to be an eventful one for reggae/ dancehall artiste Kojo Kurankye popularly known as Ras Kuuku, having earned several nominations from Bass Awards organizers.

Kuuku is out with ‘Puom Wo Krom’, a feel good music for his fans to groove to at parties and other social gatherings. Calling on fans in Kumasi, Accra to feel good about themselves, Kuuku offers entertainment centers Tawala and La beaches as ideal spots.

It is a shame Kuuku is often denied the recognition he thoroughly deserves, perhaps 2014 can prove to be the decisive year where the Dome raised ‘bredren’s’ light will shine brightest.

For the strangers in Jerusalem, Kuuku has ‘One Day’ in his repertoire where he calls on the youth to be treated with care bemoaning the rising levels of unemployment in the country. Kuuku in typical style urges politicians to honour pledges made when on the campaign trail.

On the ‘Father’ track, Kuuku uses Old Fadama as the back drop to lay bare injustices in our society, again taking elected and appointed authorities to task whiles cautioning the youth to eschew laziness and violence.

Ras Kuuku has other gripping and conscious tracks in ‘Fawo Nsa’, ‘Gyene’ ft Eyirap and as a matter of course the collaboration with Iwan on ‘Obibini’.

Listen to Puom Wo Krom


How can I forget the ‘Puom’ anthem which serves as the wakeup call for all who slumber to rise and achieve their full potential.

The young talent is simply one of few artistes who remain grounded despite the fame and remain true to the African course, seeking knowledge and pricking the conscious of fellow citizens.

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