Rapper who tried to sh*t on stage attempts to explain

daylyt-1Rappers come in different shapes and sizes but one who nearly crossed the boundary is California based rapper Daylyt who nearly emptied his bowels on stage because fans booed at him has attempted to offer an explanation.

According to the rapper, he felt discriminated against especially from the audience who prevented him from completing his statements adding the organisers made him feel unwelcome as well leading to his decision to crap on them.

The eccentric rapper was in a lyrical battle with ‘Real Deal’ in Phoenix when tired of the booes and the jeers warned the audience in the 3rd round that if they booed two more times, he was going to boo or sorry poop right on stage but they didn’t listen.

And then boom Daylyt dropped his jeans and was ready to boo boo but had trouble dropping the sh*t because of constipation, security quickly threw him of stage and away from the venue.

On the Ghanaian front would any rapper be bold enough to crap or attempt to take a crap on stage because something didn’t go right?

Producers of ‘Kasahari Level’ and Dj Black’s cypher must be on high alert to ward of Ghanaian rappers with similar tendencies lest a scandal erupts.

In Daylyt’s case the security guys acted swiftly coupled with the fact that he had constipation, who knows the next scenario could prove to be crappy affair and no one wants that.

Watch the video of his unruly act below:


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