Meet the strong-hearted gospel musician, Grace Obaayaa Ashy

Grace Obaayaa Ashy is truly a strong woman for all intents and purposes.

graceThe 30 something year old burst onto the gospel landscape when many least expected with the ‘Adea Yesu’ album and track of the same name and then cultivated hardcore followers with her ‘Wonnuntso Yesu’ track.

One feature of Obaayaa as she prefers to be called now is that when purchase is made of her audio and video CD’s one will truly get one’s money worth because unlike some other artiste she takes great care to ensure all the tracks on the CD are enjoyable.

Again Obaayaa’s music videos always stand out as evident in the use of a helicopter and police motorcade in the ‘Adea Yesu’ clip, use of the Dodi Princess ferry for the ‘Wonnuntso Yesu’ video as well as use of graphic and touching images of Jesus’ beating at the hands of Roman soldiers in the Gethsemane video so much so it has become a regular staple during Easter periods.

Grace’s love of country resulted in her creating a cheer song for the Black Stars titled ‘Yenie’, that was used as the official Black Star song for Germany 2006 world cup.

The gospel lady and state award recipient also has to her credit ‘Medi nkunim’, ‘Kasa, ‘Nyame wo mmre’, ‘I am in love with Jesus’, ‘Yesu dome’, in his presence, ‘Beko gye wonba’, ‘Gyese wu be mu’ and many other works and it is my prayer that she gets the strength and wisdom to continually provide the public with good music.

Enjoy ‘Wonnuntso Yesu’ below:

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