Kalybos ready to feature in mainstream film?

kalybosRichard Asante better known as Kalybos has within a short period of time earned hard core followers who will not miss any of his adventures on his ‘Boys Kasa’ series featuring the delectable ‘Ahuofe Patri’.

Be it skits such as Short Bread, ‘Asemyeyaa’, Kaybos goes to Brazil, the Good Samaritan to Kalybos goes Swimming they’ve all been well received.

You would think chalking such successes including featuring in Airtel ads would cause film directors and producers to engage the NAFTI student specialising in camera handling for productions but the ‘Bos’ with one ‘s’ had indicated in an earlier interview that no such offer has been.

till Soni Methu’s interview with film producer, Shirley Frimpong-Manso for CNN showed Kalybos manning a crane for the shoot of ‘V-Republic’, Shirley’s new work.

Would we be seeing the ‘Bos’ with one ‘S’ engaged in more mainstream movies and series?

Only time will tell.


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