Dee Money digs deep!

dmoneyWhen D-Black and Dee Moneey parted ways after working together on musical projects, many feared that the latter’s career would crash but it appears that the young man’s career is rather growing from strength to strength.

It didn’t take long for ‘Ata Nkpa’ to collaborate with Kwaw Kesse before releasing the banger ‘Marilyn Munroe’ featuring Fuse ODG.

It appears Dee Moneey out did himself with the song and the accompanying video, and according to Money himself there is more good news ahead as works with Nigeria’s Whiz Kid and American hip-hopper Tyga will hit fans soon.

The formula of ‘Ata Nkpa’ is interesting in that though he leans towards hip hop he has the presence of mind to fuse Ga words and statements in his raps to hit home with locals very much like Trigmatic and the results are proving beneficial indeed.

Listen to Marilyn Munroe’ featuring Fuse ODG below:

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