Chorkor Trotro rises from the ashes

trotroThat Funny Face aka Chemu popularised the Chorkor Trotro Drama Series is beyond dispute, it therefore came to many as a surprise when the appearances of the lead actor became infrequent without producers of the show giving a definitive reason.

Whiles presence of the ‘Trotro’ mate of Baba was diminishing on the series, his stock shot up visibly with endorsements of brands and products such Vodafone, OLX, Magic Malt and Latex Foam.

Truth be told the show lost appeal and eyeballs when its star man eventually quit the show for reasons yet to be disclosed although Funny has pledged to give reasons when the time is right.

The good news however is that Chorkor Trotro has discovered a new groove and mojo thanks to the inclusion of good old ‘Abrobei’ of cantata fame and ‘Nkomode’ look alike ‘Musa’.

With ‘Abrobei’s’ conniving ways and Musa’s distinct speaking and crafty ways as well as tight story lines, the series has not only wooed old viewers but has gone on to attract new ones.

Executive producer of the show, Wadewor has to be patted on the back for digging deep to provide variety on the show. Tuesday nights are lively once more thanks to likes of Baba, Masa Chasey, Awelei, Esi and co.


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