Most elders would prefer to be conservative and go about their daily activities with an air of pontification but don’t tell that to Elder Eduaful of Kantinka 97.7 fm in Agona Swedru.

ImageAn encounter with the over 50 year man might lead you to think he is 30 because of his exuberance and jolly self. Elder as he is affectionately called hosts the 1 hour Happy Sabbath programme on Saturdays with quality serve of SDA or Adventist music and interesting interviews with the stakeholders of the same faith.

ImageAs if that was not enough for the golden ager, he also does Esem Sisi, a paranormal programme which dabbles in weird and abnormal happenings every weekday at 10:55 am on the mid- morning show hosted by Dr. Kay.

Another of Elder’s contribution to the station is appearing on the Drive Time show hosted by Kwame Kay on the argumentative twi ma mitwi segment on the show where elder true to form takes the most entrenched positions. This segment has garnered a huge following thanks to the bizarre argument the SDA church elder makes.

Clearly there is no stopping this elder who is a youth at heart, I wish him strength, health and wealth.


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