ImageMany have taken the technological gadgets we use today for granted but a careful look at the journey will reveal that things we have today within easy reach were thought through by people with great skill and foresight.

In today’s world we have social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as other platforms such as MySpace, Bing, IBM, Yahoo, Google, Windows and gadgets such as Desktop computers, Laptops, I phones, I Pads, IPod, Apple Macs and Blackberry, Samsung and Nokia phones. Many have become depended on these sites and gadgets and software for business, education, pleasure etc so much that such technology savvy persons cannot be effective without these aides.

Of course, human as we are, there are those who use it for purposes such as pornography, online bullying, recruitment of suicide bombers and operating scams but the overwhelming benefits of technology and the internet can be attested to by many. Gurus whose names will forever be etched on the memory of tech users include Bill Gates, Mitch Kapor, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Paul Allen as well as fierce and intense rivalries such as one between Microsoft and NetSpace and the ongoing one between Microsoft and Google.

The current battle has been on for a while with no clear winner as Microsoft is still making money from it’s integrated Windows software comprising Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Explorer with Google generating income from adverting space it gives as well as the Search Engine phenomenon it provides. But perhaps the singular figure posterity will remember most when it comes to revolutionizing the (PC) from gigantic mainframe machines to portable and handy tools with efficient software is Bill Gates, a man who dropped out from college to pursue his dream and passion.

At one time Gates was estimated to be worth 58 billion dollars and due to the success of Microsoft some other 2 billionaires as well as 10,000 millionaires have been produced but Gates stands out because of his humanity. He after many years at the helm of affairs at Microsoft retired to concentrate on his foundation the (Melinda and Bill Gates foundation) as a way of helping marginalized people all over the world get assistance in preventing malaria and other preventable diseases and true to form he has donated some 24 billion dollars for the cause.

Whiles many may hail such greats for their vision and passion others have condemned them for using unfair means to gain their success. An example is Gates’ perceived aggressive tactics used in shutting out fair competition which culminated in the U.S government bringing a law suit against Microsoft. In the end the State won, it was only the change in government at the time which truly saved the company from total collapse as well as numerous speculative talk of the health condition and eventual cause of the death of Apple Mac’s guru, Steve Jobs.

The Ghanaian experience with technology is an interesting one, from the days when citizens were booked and queued to make and receive foreign calls at Post and Telecom(P&T) through to when Ghanaians had access to huge mobile phones thanks to Mobitel Ghana (mi dzena aboteng na mekasei) to today where we have hi-tech cell phones, apart from making and receiving calls, that can also be used for surfing the net, playing games, sending and receiving text messages, be used as torch lights, radio as well as those with 2 or 3 sim cards.

The fact is Ghanaians are enjoying the latest developments and are monitoring the rivalry between the Telco’s: MTN, Tigo, Vodafone, Airtel, Expresso and Glo and choosing the network which appeals to them.

Ever since it’s emergence in 1995 and Bill Gates seeing it’s potential with this memo to his employees “Now I assign the internet the highest level of importance. In this memo I want to make clear that our focus on the internet is critical to every part of our business”.

The internet has grown in leaps and bounce such that many individuals and organizations have specialized in an aspect of it. One such company is SMS Ghana. A bulk SMS distribution company which has been in operation for over 3 years with some 3,000 registered online users and 100 enterprises benefiting from the company’s tools and services.

With over 3 million Ghanaian database and ability to customize SMS applications, offer advanced Web Design, provide SMS marketing solutions, Mobile Billing Technology, Search Engine Optimization and ability to deliver SMS to some 700 networks across 200 countries, this company has proven that a Ghanaian company can equally offer quality service available on other lands and when we take pride in consuming our products and services this country can become the Tech hub in Africa, just as India has become in Asia.

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