ImageHe fooled some of the people all of the time, he fooled all of the people some of the time but his ultimate dream of fooling the French people all of the time exposed him badly rendering him open to be read like a book and voted out.

And Sarkozy badly exposed on 6th May 2012 in the French presidential run-off got beaten by chief opponent Francois Hollande of the Socialist Party with 52% of votes cast to Sarkozy’s 48%. The turnout was 80.2% and thus brings an end to Sarkozy’s 5 year term.

Mr. Sarkozy born to Hungarian parents shocked many with his anti-immigration stance especially regarding the African and Roma populations. Describing the Roma as pygmies and an eye sore to the French cities his administration dealt ruthlessly with these people and other minorities despite repeated warnings from the European Union (EU) and other human rights organizations to deal with such persons with dignity and tact.

His unashamed involvement in the overthrow of Laurent Gbagbo to satisfy French economic interest which will benefit few business cronies were very much issues on the minds of electorates who had seen enough of the petite man whose tenure had seen rise in unemployment, restriction of democratic freedoms and faith, meddling in the affairs of other sovereign states and lavish spending on himself, wife and cronies.

Like a ghost, the allegation that he secured huge funds to finance his last electoral campaign from Gadhafi came back this year with his chief opponent of the Socialist Party poking him to come clean and tell the French people of his true involvement with the late Libyan leader.

All of these miscalculations and misdeeds of the man Nicholas Sarkozy like “Karma” came back to haunt him and the electoral results have made clear the feelings of the French.

If Francois Hollande does not know death, he should watch a sleeping person. The French people want honest and committed leadership coupled with respect of people of varying persuasions.

Failure to provide what is right can only lead to one thing which monsieur Hollande, I believe knows too well.

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