ImageFor many years, I did not take cognizance of the ‘deepness’ of music legend, Julius Kojo Antwi.

That he was good I knew, but a recent journey from Swedru to Accra revealed the man totally to me, thanks to the driver’s play of Kojo’s music throughout the journey.

From medofopa, adiepena, afonfanto, bomi nkomode, dadie anoma, densu, kakayi, my shining star, roklynn, sikadam, akono ba, nyhira-ba, adinkra, groovy to brebrenowa to mention but a few, there is no doubt that the man indeed is a maestro who can at anytime utilize words in Twi, Ga and English to great effect.

Many presume Kojo is a romantic at heart and couldn’t tackle other issues effectively but to great admiration; the maestro treats topics like patience, death, mother’s love, perils of travel, praise of God with tact and discernment.

I have little doubt therefore that the next commendation in the series of awards given to legends by (Imajin Advertising) will go to the dread locked maestro.

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